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I would say that it does not feel like my story but for like the characters story, but this could be in part because of how I create them in my head. Instead of creating an actual back-story for all of my characters I went into each one with an idea of what type of person they were:

Smuggler: Money as main motivation, but still a 'decent' person
Sith Warrior: Honorable, but still Evil as that is simply how the Sith are
Jedi Consular: Paragon of Good
Trooper: Willing to do ANYTHING to protect the Republic
Sith Inquisitor: Completely and utterly INSANE
Bounty Hunter: Will complete a contract but is not a mass murderer
Jedi Knight: Sarcastic hero who does not always see eye to eye with the Council
Imperial Agent: A good person making the best of a bad situation

The only time I have had trouble is with incorporating the Legacy system, mainly with my Trooper being the child of my Inquisitor.