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The problem with talking about what all of the corporate shuffling BW means is that we really have no idea of the context of any of the moves. Writing is only part of the process of production on these games. They could easily have already finished the writing for a full expansion pack and still be a year away from being far enough into production to be ready to announce it. Good script writers who are willing to work for the kind of money the gaming industry pays compared to the screen writers guild are hard to come by, and BW is presumably in the process of creating a new franchise to replace Mass Effect which they might want some of their more experienced people working on. All we can really say is that right now BW thinks they are at a point where they need fewer full time writers working on TOR. That is a very different thing than saying they are abandoning production on the story. At a guess I would bet it takes around 250 man hours to turn a single page of script into finished content and they've had a writing team producing copy for like five years now.
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