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  • Watcher Two has a 'thing' for the female Imperial Agent. (I haven't played a male one yet, is it possible to flirt with her?)

I'll probably think of more that aren't just headcanon F/F shipping at some point and I'll post those.
You can have, basically, a full-fledged romance with Watcher Two, actually, although you may have to be human/cyborg. She warms up to you eventually no matter what race you are but I think I remember reading that she will only do the romance with humans. My dykey femme Chiss Agent totally has a thing for her, but it was not meant to be, alas. She lets Temple comfort her and occasionally when she gets drunk and wants to punish herself she and Kaliyo wreck the ship. If she's in a particularly foul mood she makes Vector clean it up.

Most of the rest of my headcanon stuff is similar F/F shipping.