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  • Broonmark's actually a thoughtful guy. Not some kind of refined philosopher, I mean, his preferred solution to all things is killing, but if you actually listened to all the blllorping you would hear the musings of a smart, thoughtful, insatiably bloodthirsty soul.
  • Quinn is a failed experiment in the Imperial Intelligence Watcher eugenics line. They kicked him out to the military for being either too dumb, too angry, or both, to qualify as a Watcher.
  • Vector is thirtysomething. I know his Codex says 26, and I know Joining changes you, but he seems to have a solidly human maturity well beyond 26, and I'm not convinced the bug hive mind would quite form a proper substitute.
I thought Vector's info came from his file before he was Joined, meaning that he was 26 at the time of his Joining and has aged since then. If that isn't canon, it's my headcanon at least.
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