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Where did you get that idea?
2 things

In all the work force restructuring the writers seem to have been hit hard, the guy that used to be head writer for the republic is now head of all writing. That is just one known example of how the writing team has changed

At gamescon there was that interview with the guy saying the main drive for now is OPs, flashpoints and warzones

I hope I'm wrong. But think of it this way. New people have been put in charge to change the fortune of this game, there is a good chance the direction of the game is also changed. The first DEV team tried to put the RPG into MMORPG, now there gone. It makes sense the new team are here to take the game back in a more conventional direction

The game is not a charity it has to be profitable. All the changes made are surely to do with money. And one really big expense is story
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