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[*]Elara Dorne is lesbian, and that was part of her reason for defecting.
Wait, does that make me her.. "Beard"?

... Well, now I don't feel so bad about cheating on her with Jaxo.

Speaking of:

Headcanon: Ava Jaxo to be getting better after the Act II... Incident. Kurus visits regularily! <3

  • Bowdaar makes a great chef/bartender. That's why he's in the galley all the time!
  • Watcher Two has a 'thing' for the female Imperial Agent. (I haven't played a male one yet, is it possible to flirt with her?)
  • Blizz loves it when I give him piggyback rides. Wait, that's actual canon? Nevermind then
  • Fez Burba is exactly the kind of super awesome scientist he thinks he is, he's just had a very bad run of luck lately!
  • Enlisted women in the Imperial Army are encouraged to be kind and motherly (presumably because when they get older they're expected to have lots of soldier kids) because all the female Imperial Trooper NPCs you meet are just sweet and adorable. (Officers, particularily Navy ones, are not included)

I'll probably think of more that aren't just headcanon F/F shipping at some point and I'll post those.