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True. Since reading your posts, I've started to spin through about ten items every time I go to list something on the GTN. It is amazing how many grossly underpriced items that can be found. On my server the Paste goes for about 1,200 to 1,500 credits a unit. I usually list at 1,399 per. If I go to list and see someone has listed 40 units at 158 per, I will indeed snap it up. That is well under production cost. I will then relist at my standard price = easy profit. I don't play the market to look for bargains to relist, but only a dummy would not take advantage of what is there. ---- Oh look, someone listed 99 Hypertechs for 12,500 credits, gee they go for about 1,000 each, I think that I will wait until they sell before I list mine at 1,000 and not be a bad guy and buy the stack and then relist - yeh right, lol.

Truth is that there are a small number of people who do not understand pricing or who do but list very low for their own reasons. The problem with the swtor economy is that it is not dynamic and vibrant, but limps along. A few people who list at a low price can actually kill the pricing of a mat because buyers see the low price and start to think that is what the pricing should be and will hold off from buying at a 'reasonable" price. Yes, reasonable is subjective but if something s(other than throw away unwanted junk) ells for less than the production cost + GTN cut + small profit then I call that unreasonable. To me the resellers help the economy greatly. They clear away the underpriced stuff out and help keep a floor under pricing.
I do this 5-6 times a day when I do not have to work. On average I spend around 500k per day buying up lower priced materials which in turn makes me 1 to 2.5 million.