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In the normal continuum, Ipha is the only Kodrevas sister that is in no way Force sensitive. So I'm flipping that around and asking what if Ipha was the only Force sensitive sister and she was powerful enough to be Jedi? I know the answer to that already. Ipha's not a good military officer. She's sarcastic and sassy and often slithers around orders. Based on that, she'd be a horrible but well intentioned Jedi.

If you play through Imperial Balmorra there's a quest where Darth Lachris tells you
So I'm asking myself why they don't do that now? So in this reality, they are.

It's probably good to note here that in this reality Ipha is not a cyborg, just human. She got her cyborg parts when she was fatally wounded during an operation on Hoth. That doesn't happen here.

Edit: I'm horrible at remembering this stuff. Spoilers for dark side/light side Trooper decisions at the end of the Trooper class story. Sorry. >.>

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