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Yep I know exactly how you feel. I am relatively satisfied with ground combat in swtor, but the space combat is awful. Bioware announced some major space project and it got me excited, but it looks like its just new railed space missions which I will never play.

I suspect Bioware will come up with some retarded achievement that can only be unlocked through space combat, forcing the rest of us who hate it to go through it. Similar to them forcing players to play both factions to unlock HK51. Also an fyi to Bioware... forcing players to perform tasks that are not fun defeats the purpose of playing a video game. Challenge is one thing, but wasting players time is just tedious/boring, not challenging.

If they could release a real space expansion I would be swtor for next 5+ years with paid subscription, but what is most likely going to happen is I will be leaving for Planetside 2. I hope it doesn't come to that, but that is for Bioware/EA to decide.

In summary I want
1. Free Flight
2. Space PvP
3. Player owned space stations/Guild owned
4. Allow party members to control ship turrets

But it will never happen...

Also please do not take this as a rant against swtor, I really do like the game. My major complaint is in regards to space combat. And yes I am willing to pay for expansion(s) and subscription. I appreciate the fact that new content costs money to develop.
BW NEVER annonced "major" space combats.

They clearely stated space combat would be only a minor distraction. Idk where you think you are tsaking your facts, but I red everything from BW since the day the game was annonced and that includes everything they said about space combat.

What we have now, is what they told us we would have and in totally fine with that. BW gave us space combat because poeple asked for it and thats already something very nice of the.