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2) Closing doors
3) Cargo bay
These irk me. I want doors that open and close. They exist ingame, why can't we at least have a door that closes on the personal quarters? And the Cargo Bay should be accessible from the one in my quarters. Or if we perhaps get a Legacy Bank, have the one in the cargo hold be the shared bank and the one in your quarters be the character specific one.

5) Minigames to improve ship performance/buffs
It would be so nice just to be able to interact with the ship's interior more. Jedi Knights get a hololibrary of messages sent to you by a certain NPC you encounter. I was delighted to find these and then spent an hour exploring the interiors of my other ships to see if something similar had occurred on them. Clickable consoles that maybe provide a small cutscene with a companion interacting with it (and you), a chess table that actual works, a hololibrary (Codex, maybe?)...

6) Ability to shuttle to our ship [...]18 hour cooldown.
The ability to shuttle to our ship would be greatly appreciated, but why suggest the long CD? Never understood why there has to be such long CDs on abilities like this that just make it easier to get around.

1) Missions on and around our ship
Would be so nice...

5) Allow players to acquire a different ship at level cap
Players would be given a choice to turn in their ship for any of the other ships available.
Or just a Legacy unlock that allows you to use ships you've already got. My Inquisitor would really like to have the Agent ship.

6) Ability to customize both the exterior (color, markings, etc) and interior (SWG style interior decorating system, NO HOOKS)
Add decorations and awards/trophies to the game to quest for. Could be tied into an achievement system.
Every time I marry one of my companions, they send me wonderful little letters and gifts. I've kept those gifts and would really like to display them. (Although, perhaps if the gifts they sent you were a little more appropriate for displaying it would be nice.) During one of my conversations with Andronikos, he gave me an ornamental sword. I'd love to have that hanging up somewhere. Perhaps an actual, physical representation of the Codex would be nice.

One thing that bugs me about the ships is that except for the Smuggler ship, you get no sense that people really live there. It's the only one (as far as I can remember) that actually has a compartment that looks like a galley. So far on all my ships I've got up to 6 people making this their home. The ships are far too spartan and stark. And quiet. They're kind of spooky sometimes.

Oh. I'd like to request something specific: The ability to turn off the Space Mission icon. That thing drives me nuts.
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