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I would suggest some improvements to personal starships. First, let me go over the smaller changes I feel would be beneficial.

1) Mail and Market kiosk
Installable module to place a mail and market kiosk on your ship. No ability to send mail or post auctions, but you can retrieve mail and browse/purchase from the market.


2) Closing doors
Simple. Doors should be hatches that open and close like on the ships in flashpoints. At the very least the door should close on my personal quarters.

3) Legacy Cargo bay/bank

Add legacy storage access in my quarters. This would be an item that all of my characters in my legacy could access from their quarters. it would also allow, with legacy unlocks, EC to be deposited in a legacy wide bank that all legacy toons could access.


4) Landing on planets
Put a button in the gui when sitting in the pilots seat to land on a planet when I arrive. It is silly for me to have to WALK out of my exit hatch just to land.

I would also add that I think the initial visit to each and every planet should be similar to the intro space cinematic you experience when you first visit Makeb. That was a great sequence and I think it would immerse the players more in the importance of each planet. Naturally this would be triggered by progression in the storyline.

5) Minigames to improve ship performance/buffs

Remember the override/slicing minigames in ME? I think it would be good to be able to go to my engine room, or on my bridge at certain stations, certain control stations on the ship and activate small minigames where I can boost power output (faster shield regeneration, more powerful weapons), reenforce systems (makes the ship resist damage) or improve engine efficiency (lower travel cost). A successful minigame outcome would provide a temp buff to that system. Ties in to multiplayer options below.

6) Ability to shuttle to our ship

Much like the fleet pass, allow us to command our ship to come and pick us up. We would go straight into space, no need for launch cinematic. 18 hour cooldown.


7) Ability to enter our ship without taking off
You would need to design limited backdrops for when we look out of our bridge window, or you can just have blast shields down over the windows. In other words we can stay on planet without launching our ship. Ties in to on-ship missions below.

8) Gun turrets
Add gun turret stations for all spaceships, different locations based on ship design, at least two would be best.

9) Ability to direct companions to repair damaged system when in space combat
Add a button to command companions to repair your ship.

10) Allow players to sit and sleep in different positions around the ship. Every chair should be a sit capable object, and the bed should be a trigger for a sleep emote.


11) Add a workstation to our starship. We actually already have the station, we only need for it to be set up as a workstation point.

More in depth changes for the future....

1) Missions on and around our ship

Missions that trigger when we approach our ship or leave it, or when traveling through space. Getting attacked, repel borders, fix systems that are malfunctioning to escape, etc.

2) Ability for players to join you on your ship and play along when you go into space combat
They can man turrets, play minigames to fix ship damage or lengthen buffs, etc.

3) Players can join you in their starships for your space combat mission
Players will group up with you, go to their ship, you choose your space combat mission, they can join you in their ship, so you fly the pipe together. Friendly fire should be enabled.

4) Mission to go on attack run, then land and invade a ship

Allowing group play in the space mission would allow for this kind of mission to be authored. Could be set up as a flashpoint. You fight your way to a point, knock out a ships shields, land and fight on foot as usual.

5) Allow players to acquire a different ship at level cap

Players would be given a choice to turn in their ship for any of the other ships available. This could be a legacy unlock item.

6) Ability to customize both the exterior (color, markings, etc) and interior (SWG style interior decorating system, NO HOOKS)
Add decorations and awards/trophies to the game to quest for. Could be tied into an achievement system.

That's it for now, may add more later or add suggestions from others. Thanks.