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08.28.2012 , 08:26 AM | #6
We were shooting ideas around about trying it on the other three bosses, but we didn't actually do it...the whole reason we did that was because we were temporarily down a player and couldn't find someone who only wanted to come in for one we just completed it with 8 for last week.

Hashing it out though, for SC&FB, I figure the strategy would be much the same as T&Z, with DPS switching periodically. For Vorgath I think it could be solo healed, especially with how pretty much every combat situation everyone can be stacked and AoE healed (with a Sorc or Sage). Kephess would have to be down a DPS, but I keep looking at that fight, and I just don't know if its possible without a fourth many DPS races, not to mention Kephess has 1M+ HP and a pretty tight enrage timer.

Would definitely be fun to try though.