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Our guild has cleared EC on 8/16-man Storymode many times. Hardmode 8m is our next milestone, and we are stuck on Kephess. We believe we have the mechanics down (have watched countless HM videos/strat guides), our DPS is very solid, but we seem to encounter an unusually high amount of what we believe are bugs, over and over. We're frustrated, since we can now 1-shot all the bosses leading up to Kephess--but week after week we just can't kill him. Looking for guidance, reassurance, or both.

1.) We've seen the 2 polarity droids rail shot Ops members that are NOT the furthest away. Example: tank is 7-8 meters away, sniper is 3-5 meters away, and the sniper is getting rail shot instead of the tank.
As many have pointed out. No in melee range = can get hit by railshot. ALL stack on top of the droids even tanks.

2.) We've seen baradium bombers spawn during a walker burn phase. This seems to happen most often during the 3rd (last) walker burn phase, after Kephess is already on the ground. We'll be DPS'ing the walker and suddenly another bomber spawns.
True, this can happen. Just make sure you get the walker down. If you you really have to soak it, use the tank not tanking kephess taunt the bomber to prevent it from missile @ a healer or the kephess tank., and eat the boom.

3.) We've seen Kephess' "Arcing Slash" ability 1-shot a tank who was 20-30 yards away, dropping the purple circles, while another tank had aggro. I understand this is a known issue... since May.
Kephess do a AoE cone just before he is casting BAMF debuff.
The other tank will still have the debuff and cant take NO dmg at all on this slash.
SO Dont stand in circles. Watch AoE cone from kephess.

4.) We've seen the player with the bomb icon run under the walker and get hit for 11k per tick, despite being sorc shielded and having the IA Shield Probe active. Other times, the same player will have bubble + probe and take almost NO damage under the walker.
A tip, just when player is going up. Have a sorc pull him/her out to prevent them from being inside the camel belly for to long. It hurts in there.

5.) Last but not least, we've seen the walker charge up his cannons for the saturation fire, our group moves out of the zone he's aiming at, and then he'll immediately turn his head and fire in another direction (usually on us). It was my understanding that he is supposed to do the saturation fire on whatever zone he is facing when charging his lasers.
TIP: left back leg of the camle(warstrider) he can't see you. = No fire get's you there.

I really am looking for some help here, as we can't seem to down this guy. Every attempt is foiled by some sort of weird anomaly. The best we've ever done is had Kephess down to around 23% when one of our tanks (who did NOT have aggro and who was easily 20 meters away) died mysteriously to "Arcing Slash". Most of our other attempts end before that, due to the items stated above. Are we screwing something up? Or just having the worst RNG ever?
We have a video in HD of the fight here, with camel leg position, Stacking up on the droids, pulling ppl out from the camel and how you should TANK kephess.

Person with bomb going up the camel - and get almost no damage

It just takes one kill, then its farm-status. good luck! / Zacke @ Tomb or freedom nadd.
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