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Agreed with the OP! BW the last content was in April... my Main is in BiS Campaign gear, i've 6 lvl 50 alts, Valor Rank 90, i'm running out of things to do, and i was in the patient part of the playerbase.

The majority who didn't want to roll alts or pvp are already left the game, and that's a fact... your EA overlords can keep the exitpoll 40% didn't want to pay the sub fee BS, because not a single person is buying that anymore. While i'm not interested in GW2 a lot of ppl are and with WoW's newest EXP coming out next month, i'm losing my faith day to day.

So pls throw us a bone.
6 50s and Rank 90 Valour... yeah you're pretty much out of things to do.
Honestly the only thing left at this point is maybe to try and solo some HM FPs.

HM D7 was cleared yesterday and Stevoo soloed HM Malgus a while back. I'd suggest going after HM Revan, that fight was too easy - soloing it might make it the challenge some of us wished for.
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