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And I suggest you keep your saber away. It would be a shame for someone such as yourself to have fallen to the darkside and become greedy and arrogant making up enemies as you went along on your quest for power. Attacking a fellow Jedi unprovoked outside the council chambers would be such a display of your rage and how far from grace you have fallen hmm?
I am not greedy for power nor did I plan on attacking you unprovoked. And you are trying to play mind games. said Mal. He then shrugged off the hand and walked into the council chambers.
"Jedi do not fight for peace. That's only a slogan, and is as misleading as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace. We fight for justice because justice is the fundamental bedrock of civilization: an unjust civilization is built upon sand. It does not long survive a storm." - Mace Windu