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12.19.2011 , 04:13 PM | #1
Seriously whats up with him? We went into the Foundry today all mid 30s and he just completely destroyed us over and over again. He begins spamming his Snipe ability for a good 3000 dmg on random people and we found no way to stop it. It was just completely unhealable. If he hits the same person twice in a row they are just dead before you can heal them up and even if you do manage to keep everyone up your resources dry up fast. In the best case we'd get through the first part of the fight and through the first power core phase but be completely out of cooldowns and just die afterwards.

He was never like this in beta, I don't recall him throwing out some 2500-3000 DPS like that.... Its like we're fighting the level 50 version at level 35.