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08.27.2012 , 05:15 PM | #6
I can understand the fear of getting "overrun" on an operation. I wish I had a choice though ...

As far as the rewards, my intention regarding the reward limitation was to handle it the same way lockouts are already handled. Example:

If you are brought into a KP when the group is already at the Fabricator, and you aren't locked out of anything, once you kill the Fab you're locked out of Bonethrasher and the Foreman Crusher too.

So let's say you've completely finished an operation. You wouldn't be able to join one where the raid leader didn't have a full lockout. And if you started an op with the intention of doing a "loot-less run", anyone who joined you also wouldn't get any loot.

It's not the best idea in the world necessarily. Just would be nice to have the option specifically to practice the fights we're wobbly on in EC.