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Regarding queuing as an 8-player team for non-ranked Warzones: We won't say "never," but we don't have plans for this right now. We want to try to keep the regular Warzones competitive in their own right, and allowing full pre-mades to potentially match with a full PUG could be problematic. We'd want to avoid situations like that.

For Ranked Warzones and queuing with less than 8 players: This is something we have plans for, but we haven't announced a timeframe for it (it won't be available in 1.4).

I'm assuming your team is looking at 4 man groups to queue for Rateds and not solo? Can you confirm or deny that solo queue'ing will NOT be available for Ranked?

About Season 1: Right now, we have a little more work that needs to be done overall before we're ready to officially kick it off, and I can tell you that it won't be launched as part of 1.4. We'll keep you updated! The PvP game won't be neglected - we do have Ancient Hypergates on the way as well as new PvP gear, and we have a lot more in store for you!
Not even shocked, see ya in December.