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I would love to be able to "practice" EC by doing it more than once per week.

I understand that lockouts are to prevent rapid gear inflation. I would be happy to run EC a second time and not get the gear from it, just to smooth out some of the sloppiness we have on some of the fights.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? What do you'all think?
it is done this way because of the games inherent mechanics. now because of them people are getting, have gotten and are bored. the typical mmo raid lockout of 3-5 days doest work well with mod switching in gear. it works well to get a entire gear piece but not when you can get a leg and put the mod and enhancement in the hat you need to upgrade.

if you want practice then have another run with alts. by now most people should have several 50s as the game is rather stupid easy to level and get raid prepared. my suggestion is to do that. you can learn a lot from playing from a different toons perspective in a raid.