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08.27.2012 , 01:43 PM | #1010
To summarize:
  • We were told that, as of last September, same-gender companion romances will be included in the game as "post-launch" content.
  • We know it will most likely be presented in the same way as existing romantic content, with a visibly marked option which one may choose or not.
  • We are told this content is coming "this year".

There are particular issues that remain uncertain, however, which have not to date been addressed and others which arise from changes to the planned direction of the game:
  • Is this content still slated for inclusion?
  • If so, are we still to expect it this year?
  • Will same-gender romantic options be available with current companions?
  • If so, with which?
  • If so, will the companion story need to be re-started from the beginning, or will the new content be available on companions who have journeyed with us and shared their stories all the way to level cap?
  • Will same-gender romantic options extend beyond companion romances, to the [Flirt] options seen from mission NPCs throughout the game?

Also, some metadiscussion questions arise from how information on this content has been handled:
  • Why was this never addressed in the old Community Q&A, however often it was asked?
  • Why, if discussion of this content is restricted to a single forum thread, do we only receive Community Team responses through anonymous replies in other threads or in private messages, but not the thread where discussion is allowed?
  • Is this issue the subject of some kind of special gag-rule from on high?
  • If so, are those responsible aware of how silence in regards to this content makes its active exclusion more disappointing?
  • How can we, as players interested in this content, assure our concerns are heard by those able to address them?
  • How can we know that, in fact, they are being heard when we, in turn, hear nothing?

Yes, a bump, but a useful and substantive bump I hope. And it was this or transgressively open a new thread in the forbidden precincts of the General Discussion board.