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08.27.2012 , 11:32 AM | #2
The problem is this is far too exploitable. Allow me to explain.

This is the "loot lockout" idea. Meaning that when you down a boss once, you would become ineligible for loot for the remainder of the week.

Sounds great, right? It isn't.

Many guilds (including my own) steamroll EC HM. We're talking 8-man clears in less than 90 minutes. Now because armoring carries the set bonus, you can put all the gear in legacy gear and transfer to alts. So this means a seasoned group of raiders (say 7) can bring in an alt, the alt gets all the loot (he's the only one eligible) and you will fully gear out a character in 90 minutes. Even worse, because of what i described, you could effectively geared out the locked out player.

SM is for practice. It just can't work out any other way.