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1.) We've seen the 2 polarity droids rail shot Ops members that are NOT the furthest away. Example: tank is 7-8 meters away, sniper is 3-5 meters away, and the sniper is getting rail shot instead of the tank.
He randomly shoots a person not hugging the droid, not the furthest. Everyone except your soaker should stand on top of him. There used to be a way where everyone in the raid could stack on the droid and there would be no rail shots at all but this was a bit unreliable to us; sometimes it worked sometimes he would railshot random ppl so we have since just done the everyone hug except soaker-strat.

3.) We've seen Kephess' "Arcing Slash" ability 1-shot a tank who was 20-30 yards away, dropping the purple circles, while another tank had aggro. I understand this is a known issue... since May.
Yeah his slash has huge aoe cone. Just never drop circles behind him.

4.) We've seen the player with the bomb icon run under the walker and get hit for 11k per tick, despite being sorc shielded and having the IA Shield Probe active. Other times, the same player will have bubble + probe and take almost NO damage under the walker.
Have also seen that happen. We basically have everyone that can heal spam heal whoever gets the bomb when running under the walker cause at that point what are you gonna dps anyway? But you gotta remind the dps cause they tend to forget about things not related to dpsing, or ours do at least

5.) Last but not least, we've seen the walker charge up his cannons for the saturation fire, our group moves out of the zone he's aiming at, and then he'll immediately turn his head and fire in another direction (usually on us). It was my understanding that he is supposed to do the saturation fire on whatever zone he is facing when charging his lasers.
We dont look at where he's facing at all. He follows a set pattern, like there are 3 places he can nuke and just rotates between those so just always stand at wherever he shot last time. It will never fire at the same spot twice in a row.