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08.27.2012 , 07:56 AM | #4
I had a really good game yesterday. With 2 minutes left we're down 1-2 but someone in my team almost scores so the ball is on the other team's side. I, a sage, am placed on a ledge for pulls but manages to burn down their carrier as he's walking from the pit, up the ramp to the health pack and down the side. I get the ball from killing the carrier and score a few seconds later. Prior to that I had managed to single handedly take out four of their guys as they were on our ledges and about to score, with none of my team mates near. I pushed two into fire, killed one through attacks and cc'ed the carrier in the second fire.

It's now a tie with only seconds left. My team manages to get the ball but someone decides that going on offense would be a good idea. Carrier dies of course but manages to throw the ball for a reset and we win due to having scored or carried last (or whatever it is that decides).

I had highest dps, 15 medals, scored the ball and tied for highest objective score. I recieved zero MVP votes. I love my team mates. Either way, it was a good game from a personal perspective.

Looking at team performance I've had a few where everything has clicked and we've managed to score 6 times in a very short amout of times. It's the type of games where people actually focus on the objective and basically every pull and leap is perfect. Doesnt happen often enough though.