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08.27.2012 , 07:27 AM | #2
Hehe, nice game ! Here's mine, too from yesterday, I'll make it a little shorter though..

Starting the hutball as a lvl 33 Jedi Guardian with my newly made focus spec, I rush for the ball. However, we have pretty bad luck as the enemy team gets the ball and scores almost immediatelly.

This happens 2 times in a row.

Then we woke up. The republic was ragging and we were all like "gosh darnit we will destroy them ! " , and so we did. Little did we know that they had premade...

The game actually ended 3:0 for the Imperium, but it was the best game I ever had. Republic had very unexperienced players, mostly noobs, but they really tried their best. I could tell from the chat and from watching them in the battle.

Thank you, Republic players for beign friendly and trying your best. Even if we lost, we won in my opinion. Not in the game, but in the hearts.

For the republic !