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There hasn't been a huttball thread for at least a day now, and that's too long. Wondering what you feel are the best huttball games you've been in. Not the ones, necessarily, where you did the best - but the ones that were the most fun. Mine is from yesterday, sub-50 PvP, on Fatman. We ultimately lost, but it was a great game. Details (as I remember them)...

Early game:

I'm the "leader" (and a healer) and I type in my plan "crud I'm leader, we are doomed! But anyway, passing is the name of the game here. Pass the ball. Go ahead for a pass. Don't everyone try to protect that guy with the ball - just go ahead for a pass."

That said, the "gun" goes off, and we rush for the ball. We have it! I stealth around the side and up onto a ledge. They pass to me. I am healing myself like crazy, waiting for the fire pit to go off. It does, but I stand still - knowing the dangers of getting stunned while trying to cross the pit with the ball. Teammates run over the pit. One stops. I pass to him just before I die. Another has kept going, and is on over the second fire trap. I can see the pass from where I wait in the spawn... second fire trap is avoided and we now have a clear shot to their goal! A few seconds later - SCORE! Great round of passing. Very awesome.

Mid Game:

We dominate the field. They hardly ever get the ball to our side, and we are constantly threatening to score on them. But we never seem to quite make it. One example... we have a "tank" with the ball. We are beyond the second fire trap. Two of us healers are keeping him going, spamming heals and cleanses. He's fighting through slows, and stuns and knockbacks and roots as the enemy spawns right above us and swarms us. The other healer goes down. I tried to run ahead for the pass, but am knocked back and rooted (can't move). So I go all out on healing. I'm fighting a losing heal-battle - and his health is slowly dissolving. But he's mere inches from the goal now... we got this. Wait, crap, they stun me! I have no stun-breaker up. He's rooted and I helplessly watch as his health goes to zero, with, literally, his foot on the goal line. No Score. Bummer.

End Game:

With less than a minute left, they manage to finally get their own tank and a good healer or two to our end of the field. We have too many trapped behind the spawn-shield and can't deal with them in time. They score. It's tied. 30 seconds left - not really enough time to score, so whoever holds the ball at the end wins. They get it first. We converge on their ball carrier and take it from them with 15 seconds left. All I can do is watch, since they've killed me off and I'm trapped behind the spawn shield. Our chat is full of "hold the ball, hold the ball!". I watch the clock count down... and with 8 seconds left, they kill our guy and get the ball. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! And that's game.

Well that game was obviously ours to lose. It felt like a real sports game... where teams were actually organized, and where they throw out stats like how many minutes each team had possession of the ball. And talk about just not being able to capitalize on score opportunities. Very fun.