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I am unfuriated now because I spent well over 20 million and dozens of hours in the past weeks trying to get that one Skill Armoring 26 schematic. I r/ed well over a dozen, always having a 20% tooltip. I was so dedicated I was camping GTN to find the ones that are r/eable and bought them. I have most of the grade 26 armoring schematics (all 26 hilts, enhancement, barrel on the other toons...) and I just need to complete my collection. However losing 20 million credits and not getting the desired schematic is really frustrating. 20% is like 1 in 5 chance. I r/ed about 12-20 of them at this stage... :'(

Please change schematic learning system in future content! Asap... Before more of my credits will go to waste... I can't stop, I am addicted to learning schematics!

20 million credits is an abstraction to most of the players...
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