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Only thing I think that is really preventable is number 5.
If you notice the walker does have two abilities the massive AOE and just firing a couple shots, he normally points where ever fires of his two bolts then flips his head back into the rotation of the 5 AOE areas.

You just have to really pay attention to where the last AOE went down and move to that area, we only seem to encounter it on our second group of warriors we always have to move back to the middle during that fight.

We do the same thing for warrior just burn the warrior down and kill the rest, if two dps get on it right away he tends to die almost right away, we dont really lose any time here, good news is the bomber wont appear until the last group is dead.

He has to taunt during breath of the master or your other tank will get one shoted no matter what.

Sometimes the extra bomber appears when your dps is a little slow on the one you killed and the game reads it as have not being defeated in time.

Yeah for the walker it basically takes 10% a tick the entire time the payer is under it, I have found their personal shield will mitigate a ton of that dmg, a sorc being bubbled should be having a problem.

For the rail shot we find most of the time it does hit the person furthest away. Only way I know to beat it is to make sure you leave the walker a wee bit early in that second phase to get inside the hitbox of the droid. Normally we have him to 8-10% by then anyways so it's not a big deal if you keep having issues pull away around 15-20% and just make it up.

Sounds like you have a pretty sound strat in place, head over to MMO mechanics I think they have a video of the tank perspective on Kephis. It should help with the breath of the masters timing. I have a few videos as well but all from melee dps perspective.
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