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That is normal, there is somehow a belief that the droid hit the farthest target, this is wrong, there are many evidence it is wrong. It just seems that droid just hit any random target that is not at melee range.
I've read many guides that say the droids rail shot the furthest away. Good to know this is not the case. But if I'm understanding you correctly, it WILL rail shot a random target not in melee range. If that's the case, shouldn't a tank always stand outside of melee range, so he soaks it, and then just have all dps (even ranged) + healers, stack on the droid?

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From 3rd bomber forward, the bomber just keep on spawning until the walker is down. If you fail to kill the 3rd bomber, the 4th appear right away, if you kill the 3rd but fail to kill the walker, a 4th bomber appear, then a 5th, then a 6th. The 4th bomber does not appear as soon as the 3rd has been killed, if it does, it a bug due to lag or bad script.
Good to know. Maybe our DPS was just slow on the walker this week (last week we did not encounter this issue, which is why I thought it was bugged). In our case, we'd kill the 3rd bomber, player would run under the walker and do his little Luke Skywalker impersonation, and then while we were DPS'ing the walker, another bomber would spawn. If this happens, should we just have a sorc CC the bomber (he should explode on his own) while we finish burning down the walker?

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This can easily be avoided by having better timing on your tank taunt, kephess is not supposed to be kited, thus one shotting tank. You do it with 2 tanks right?
Yep, 1 Jugg and 1 Assassin. We learned a few weeks back about not kiting Kephess during his sub-60% phase (we've been wiping on this fight for 3 weeks). If I understand correctly, Tank 1 has aggro until Kephess casts Breath of the Masters, at which point Tank 2 taunts Kephess and Tank 1 steps away to go drop 5 purple circles. Should Tank 1 taunt Kephess back immediately after the 5th circle drops? Or wait until Kephess is casting BotM on Tank 2?

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11k per tick is a bit much. Either this is a bug, or you don't have a complete view of what happenned. Do you record combat log? One possible explanation would be to have a damage from walker shot (randomly terget any raid member) + damage from being under the walker. This could be just bad luck but within game mechanic, once again, record and analyse combat log.
Yes, this was data from the combat log. In one instance, it was a Marauder who popped his survival CD, and was shielded by a Sorc, and he was still taking MASSIVE damage while zip-lining up to the walker. We were having our sorc healer Extricate him to reduce damage. In the 2nd instance, it was a sniper who was sorc bubbled AND had Shield Probe active, and he died. Matter of fact, the only Ops members who didn't die there during our attempts tonight were a concealment Operative who was bubbled + Shield Probed, and our assassin tank. Altho now I am wondering if perhaps they were running under the droid before healers had time to react/cast. We'll have to work on this timing.

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Not really, we nerver look at the head to predict the zone that would be affected. I understand, ideally walker animation and actual zone being hit would be the same, but sometimes (as you noticed), it's not. To predict what zone will be hit next, we just know what zone has been hit last. He does always the same movement. (within a phase, he reset every phase somehow)
I've read that on HM, the walker will do saturation fire on zones 1-5 per usual, but then it becomes random. I've watched videos and seen the walker charge his lasers and ALWAYS fires on wherever his head is pointing at that moment. It was only during our attempts tonight that he would suddenly move his head at the end of the laser charge, spraying saturation fire on a totally different zone.

Additional question: How does your guild handle the trandoshans? I've seen some videos where a dps will attack the warrior while a tank AOE-taunts the rest outside of the shield. Our group burns the warrior and then mows down the rest, but I think we're losing time here.