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1.) We've seen the 2 polarity droids rail shot Ops members that are NOT the furthest away. Example: tank is 7-8 meters away, sniper is 3-5 meters away, and the sniper is getting rail shot instead of the tank.
That is normal, there is somehow a belief that the droid hit the farthest target, this is wrong, there are many evidence it is wrong. It just seems that droid just hit any random target that is not at melee range.

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2.) We've seen baradium bombers spawn during a walker burn phase. This seems to happen most often during the 3rd (last) walker burn phase, after Kephess is already on the ground. We'll be DPS'ing the walker and suddenly another bomber spawns.
From 3rd bomber forward, the bomber just keep on spawning until the walker is down. If you fail to kill the 3rd bomber, the 4th appear right away, if you kill the 3rd but fail to kill the walker, a 4th bomber appear, then a 5th, then a 6th. The 4th bomber does not appear as soon as the 3rd has been killed, if it does, it a bug due to lag or bad script.

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3.) We've seen Kephess' "Arcing Slash" ability 1-shot a tank who was 20-30 yards away, dropping the purple circles, while another tank had aggro. I understand this is a known issue... since May.
This can easily be avoided by having better timing on your tank taunt, kephess is not supposed to be kited, thus one shotting tank. You do it with 2 tanks right?

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4.) We've seen the player with the bomb icon run under the walker and get hit for 11k per tick, despite being sorc shielded and having the IA Shield Probe active. Other times, the same player will have bubble + probe and take almost NO damage under the walker.
11k per tick is a bit much. Either this is a bug, or you don't have a complete view of what happenned. Do you record combat log? One possible explanation would be to have a damage from walker shot (randomly terget any raid member) + damage from being under the walker. This could be just bad luck but within game mechanic, once again, record and analyse combat log.

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5.) Last but not least, we've seen the walker charge up his cannons for the saturation fire, our group moves out of the zone he's aiming at, and then he'll immediately turn his head and fire in another direction (usually on us). It was my understanding that he is supposed to do the saturation fire on whatever zone he is facing when charging his lasers.
Not really, we nerver look at the head to predict the zone that would be affected. I understand, ideally walker animation and actual zone being hit would be the same, but sometimes (as you noticed), it's not. To predict what zone will be hit next, we just know what zone has been hit last. He does always the same movement. (within a phase, he reset every phase somehow)

once you get the combat down (you don't according to what you say), you will know in advance where the walker hit, since he always does the same thing. I would even go as far as, you can determine if you are late, in advance or on timing, dps wise, with seeing where the walker hit zone is.

hope that help
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