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Quote: Originally Posted by Karkais View Post
Sith Warrior: 10/ 10
Bounty hunter: 10/10
Sith inquisitor (my main) 4/10

Inquisitor story had many bad things in it that almost completely killed it for me and made me want to forget it all and imagine a new story. At best I could call it 'generic'. I expected more.
I'd call it less generic and more underwhelming. You spend the first act getting macguffins for a ritual. Then you spend the second act getting macguffins for another ritual... I haven't bothered to get to the third act.

I mean you compare the fall of the apprentice on Taris to the fall (or not) of Jaesa. It's obvious a LOT more time and energy was put in for the Warrior's storyline to feel more impactful. You could do something like Jaesa's conversion in much shorter time (after all, most of the Act 1 quests are figuring out just who the heck she is), and have it feel as powerful, BUT the Inquisitor's story line is more Snidely Whiplash for how it deals with that subject.

I mean I understand they wanted an "internal politik" storyline for the Inquisitor... but when I got right down to it, I thought that the Warrior line should have been more about front line style escapades, while the Inquisitor got the Warriors storyline (with tweaks). It fits much better with the themes of the character (The Sorcerer who runs a spy network and is heavily engaged in undermining his/her boss while causing the fall of a special jedi? HOW DOES THAT NOT FIT PERFECTLY!?).

The Jedi Knight's story just feels to... formulaic to be "my" tale. "Here's four planets! Go stop our superweapons!" then "Here's three planets! get maguffins!" While you slowly build yourself into some paragon. It's to videogamey and they don't vary things enough to make you involved beyond just kinda doing it.

I think it also says something about "our story" when you talk to people about the False Emperor Flashpoint and half of them would happily join Malgus (particularly light side characters). Why? Because his position on how the Empire is currently is the position a LOT of players feel resonates. He wants to modernize the Empire's armies and power structure, and get rid of the racism and short sightedness of the current regime, which is what a lot of players basically are doing. It seems stupid if you're running around as a Twilek or Chiss or Rattataki, and are attempting to keep in place a power system that you're a second class citizen within.

One thing that should also be noted, is that (for me at least) the voices that are given to the characters make it seem like it'd be impossible to roll a certain way. I honestly couldn't run as a light side male Inquisitor because the voice just sounds so... EVIL. And by the same token, it seems like I wouldn't be able to run a dark side male consular because his voice sounds to much like a standard high society good guy. Generally the female voices are better, but not by much.