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Quote: Originally Posted by oakamp View Post
LOL, ppl transferred from US server to asia server,
only 4 countries can do,
now u want them to transfer back????

last time i logined there, there were 2xx ppl .
I don't when was the "last time" you log in and which server for your 2xx ppl.

I play in Dalborra server (the most populated one amoung Asia servers), I log and play almost everyday, I mostly log in prime time and weekend, but sometimes week day morning before go to office, if I wake up early. For weeks, the server status is always light to medium, never heavy. On the passed Saturday and Sunday, during prime time, we hardly have over 90 ppl at the fleet, mostly 60ish to 80ish, 10mins to 15mins wait between WZs queue.

Fanboi will say its becoz of school kids back to school, or when ppl get disappointed with GW2, they come back. Useless excuses.... so I have to wait until next summer for the server being populated again? And even some ppl will disappointed with GW2, do you think SWTOR is the only place they can return? Mostly when ppl leave, they just leave.

I am not a SWToR hater, I like this game so I open my wallet and pay for it. But lets face the fact, we need some serious fix here in SWTOR, or more ppl with leave, 'coz we like this game, but we don't fall in love with this game.

Free unlimited transfer like RIFT.
Cross-servers War-zone/Flashpoint like all another 647,342 MMOs which ALREADY have.
Merge more dying servers, most planets are empty to play.
Multi talent spec., so ppl don't have to reroll & reroll & reroll with the boring PvE content or stuck with only one playing style.
Give us real space combat, not Star-Fox 2012. (ppl is still playing space missions??)

SWTOR has been way too slow in bug fix and improvement. Don't tell me again how long it takes WoW Vanilla to have this and that, for goodness sake that game was year 2004 and monopoly the MMO market with no serious competitors, what year is now and how many other MMOs out there?

It is not GW2 or WoW-Kungfu Panda killing SWTOR. Its Bioware itself.