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Oh Hai Bioware!

What a joke of a post. Actually, all of your posts in this thread must surely be this your stand-up routine? A joke.

I've been playing this game since launch and on Master D since it opened. I have two eyes and know how to use them. According to my eyes, here are the facts:

-Today it is hard to get over 100 people on imperial fleet even in prime time
-Over the past few months, that number has been steadily decreasing. At start of the Oceanic servers we had multiple instances of fleet, with 400+ players on fleet
-At 1.2 that number we had a temporary spike with 200-300 people on fleet
-At 1.3, well there was a spike for maybe 2 days, until people realized what a fail RWZs were
-For the past 3 months, we have rarely gone over 200+ on fleet
-For the past month, we struggle to break 150 on fleet
-For the past two weeks, we struggle to break 100 on fleet

See the trend?

Most of the guilds that were here at opening of Master D are no longer here. Their players long gone.

Making "new" friends every 2 weeks is tiresome. You need some stability to keep people motivated to build relationships - what's the point leveling/gearing with someone if the guy you liked grouping with is going to be gone in a few weeks?

I have been in exactly 5 guilds on this server. 1 guild had over 100 members and another had over 300 members at one point. Only 1 has not yet "/gdisband".

But to you, the servers are "loaded" and fine. What a joke. Maybe if you don't like competitive playing, then yeah I'm sure this server is working out great for you. But a LOT of us like competition (whether it be excelling at PvP or PvE). WIth small numbers, being the best means nothing.

We need mergers, or at least allow us to transfer. You must be blind not to see this.
I've been on Master D since the beginning as well, 50's in both factions, I'm 100 percent addicted to this game and play nightly.

I've seen the massive fleets that used to be Master D pre Diablo 3, and I've seen the numbers dwindle down extremely.

Last night, I spent the majority in PVP queue, and maybe played 4 matches? Pops every 20 mins or so, even with a couple of matches ending early, this was in prime time.

I've seen and posted in multiple threads about APAC SWTOR, and there has to be a merge at least with the PVP/PVE server.

Nearly every single person in Master D would give the lowbie pvp beating up for a healthy queue and constant LFG's etc.

The RP folks it would be 100 percent up to them if they want to merge or not, but a transfer to US-EU server would be absolutely horrendous. Some of the top PVP'ers in Master D have noted they won't move out due to a handsome ping that no other MMO offers and it's 100 percent true, I wouldn't go back to a US server.

I'm a bit of a gambling man and I'm willing to throw a bet on the fact that Bioware are waiting for f2p before merging, this would be a really bad move, cause I'm telling you now, numbers are going to get thinner and thinner before most folks would even realise.

Bioware need to act on this asap.