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Hey man, I'm the acting GM of <APEX> on the Harbinger server. <APEX> was originally on the Namadii Corridor server and I was the 4th 50 on that server and part of the server first sm, hm, and nim mode clears of ev and kp. My first toon was a sorc but, I now have a BH geared jugg, merc, marauder, scoundrel, and power tech. I've been an avid fan of this game since day one and would love to be able to support it. Next time I'll be able to be in game is early Monday morning due to work, but I'll log into the forums at least once a day if you want to hit me up here.
Best of luck,
Rai'kond and the rest of <APEX>
sent you a PM in the forums bro
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