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True, they havn't explicitly said it will be 63 items, but that makes the most sense doesn't it? Columi was 56, Rakata 58, Then jumping to Tier 2, Campaign 61 and so the obvious next step is the 63 datamined items.
But yes you're right, we dont "know", but it's a pretty safe bet. There were also the 65 rank datamined armour pieces too.

The quote I could find:
"I talked to David Hunt (Systems Designer), and he shed some light upcoming gear. He said that (for PvE), Terror from Beyond's Hard Mode will include a new set of gear that is a sub-tier of the larger tier that started with Campaign gear. It will also have non-slot restricted armornings. Nightmare Explosive Conflict will speed up the acquisition of the new set and provides new challenges for Operation groups."

Again this isn't concrete fact, but we can infer from the quote that Terror HM will be dropping the next set after Campaign. And the same set will be dropped in EC Nightmare. As it says speed up the acquisition, suggesting any gear in Terror HM may also be found in EC Nightmare.

Again the 63 Denova set may have been scrapped, or renamed, as having a set called Denova dropping from Terror HM is a bit weird? But it's clearly the set that was created with the idea in mind of it dropping in EC Nightmare.

And then maybe the Legionnaire/Warstalker (65) items will drop in Terror Nightmare once its released.
Since it would sort of make sense:

Tier 1: Tionese(51), Columi(56), Rakata(58)
Tier 2: Campaign(61), Denova/Hazmat(63), Legionnaire/Warstalker(65)

Still :P we can argue over the assumptions all day, they are still assumptions. Some obvious, some not so obvious. We won't find out till they either reply, or most likely, release Terror onto PTS.

I would like to keep this thread going over hope of some word on it though No news yet, but I'm guessing they are busy with internal testing and cant quite give us an ETA as to when itll be ready for public PTS.
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