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08.26.2012 , 05:11 PM | #1
HI everyone, first i want to say i am from the server prophecy of the five ( U.S.A EAST, PVP)
my servers is one of the most lower servers of U.S.A but i am happy with the poblation and everything

but today i went to the servers of asia for see what is going on there, and i couldn't believe what i said there

there wasn't people in words, 4-10 people in fleets, and i said omg!

for this i want transfers for servers from Asia to U.S.A or Europe, i think they need our help and they need be in a good place, because it's obiusly many people of those server left the game for this problem and if BW don't change this, this will continue

TY for read

May the Force be with you always