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I follow the idea of Jacen Solo. A true Sith does not have to be pompous, cruel, or even evil to use the dark side. The dark side is the utilization of one's emotions, but not necessarily one's inner evil. Jacen tried, failed, but tried, to be a non evil sith, to direct his anger, fear, passion, and love towards reaching his goals while still remaining a servant of the greater good. A light side sith still uses the dark side, unleashes their emotions, but doesn't let themselves be twisted and controlled by their power. The bane of the sith has always been that they become slaves to the immense power they wield. Even the dark emperor Lord Vitiate suffers constant physical pain in order to maintain his immortality. He is a crippled god. In the end, it is only a light sith that can utilize the raw power of the dark side and the focus of the light to both end the jedi and bring the everlasting peace and order of the empire.