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08.26.2012 , 12:45 PM | #1160
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I think people are forgetting that ALL of the competition (appart from wow, which is also in decline) are now "free-to-play". People are not going to pay a sub when they can play something similar for "free".
I 100% agree with you, why pay for something when you can play something just as good for free? Wow wont be free anytime soon because there is nothing out there that is on the same level as wow that is f2p. Rift is an excellent example of what swtor should have done, instead of going f2p they just fixed the game and kept adding content, now their numbers are rising and at the rate trion pushes out new content it is wows only established competitor.

Swtor decided to go the way all the other failed f2p gmes have, instead of fixing the game and putting out new content they are just going to give the game away, they say theres new content coming "someday" but if they were serious about improving this game they would have fixed it first and then announced f2p to get people to come try it. The people that come back to try f2p will be extremely disapointed to see that its the same game they quit months ago.