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08.26.2012 , 10:30 AM | #5
This is by far my favorite podcast. (I only actually listen to 2 regularly but this one is tops for sure). I love Brian's attitude about the game because we have a very similar attitude towards it. I love Deirdre's (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) opposing points because it shows the other side of the coin that a LOT of people are on. And of course the lead guy does a great job moderating. You guys have some really good insight into the game and the projected future based on actual information. I learn pretty much everything I think I know about the direction the game is taking from you guys. The latest podcast was absolutely great. Hall Hood really re-energized me and my desire to re-roll alts has intensified two-fold now. The story aspect of this game really is the main draw for me and while I understand the challenges in getting todays MMO gamer, (or gamer in general really) to buy off on it, I would love it if Bioware kept trying. Some of my favorite moments ingame have revolved around the story aspect like the 1st time I completed Maelstrom Prison, the climax of Directive 7 and the ending of the Jedi Consular class story. I normally would never play an imp toon (rebellion all the way for me in SWG) but I will absolutely go try some imperial slime now based on the story alone. Again, great job guys and keep up the good work. Hopefully Bioware can right the ship and keep Deirdre from leaving!