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to the ppl asking about the story being on the back burner. i think it probably comes from the jeff hickman interview at gamesson. shere he said for the time being they are concentrating on group content for patches ever 6 weeks and story content would be a lot slower to come out and much further down the line. that sounds like back burner stuff to me.

also just to add, that interview with the writer (in this section of the forum) he was careful not to say anything about a chaper 4, and he wasn't asked anything about it. he did say he hopes to get a chance to add to risha's story. that would indicate he was taking about chapter 4, but the fact he used the trem "hopes" is kinda worrying, but take from that what you will.

i feel chapter 4 really depends on the success of the game from here on. its really expensive or at least we are told its really expensive to make story. so if the game doesn't start making a bucket load of money, i don't think thy will pay out for chapter 4
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