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After reading a few of the comment pages i do understand why some of you feel this could be an end, but please see it from a different view and think of this as a beginning. subscriptions have dropped in the past few months, the reasons of the ones who closed their accounts I'm sure are their own but when you open a game to being free to play you bring about population growth and possible potential subscribers for those who wish full access. I myself am not big on PVP but i have done it once or twice just for fun, as for Operations it is difficult as it is to get an Ops team put together to bring down a world boss let alone an Operations Flashpoint.

As far as content goes my first fuss would probably be we need more options in terms of personal travel, not just speeders we buy off the market or have made by players that have the heart for the skill. like on Hoth we could ride Tauntauns or even something similar to this -> . there are a lot of ideas to explore if Bioware would stop letting Electronic Arts run the show, i know most of you are not fond of the mini-game-style space combat that we have but for now it's all we got to be able to use our ships for more than just a safe rest zone and personal space travel. I admit it's a little fun but like most of you i wish i could fly freely throughout the field in space when on mission, during that first mine blockade mission i always miss a bonus target because they keep shooting at me but they go off screen so i can't shoot them back.

this is probably a bit off topic but i feel if we're supposed to get guild capitol ships then guilds run by F2P players should still be able to get one for their guilds, me personally it would be nice if those capitol ships had living quarters, mess hall, onboard cantina, training area, library archives, mission and quest givers, hangar bays for the 4 classes of each side, onboard Galactic Trade Network terminals. those would be great but again Bioware has to stop giving EA the big piece of the cake on SWTOR, in my opinion this is Bioware's game and we are Bioware's loyal customers.

finally i wish to express an idea that i feel we could have added to make roleplaying on roleplay servers more enjoyable and perhaps the other servers as well, it is called open speech. now sure most of you use mics and headsets to talk to your close friends but you speak in "say" chat it's just words at the top left of the screen, you don't hear what your character says in their own voice except in mission briefings and class cinematic vids throughout the character story. i say why not let your character's voice be heard every time you type in "say" chat, it could be a nice idea and especially for us roleplayers it could bring about new ways to have fun with our friends.

well i think I've run out of steam for this post but i would love positive feedback from you fellow players and i hope to continue to enjoy the life in the Old Republic with all of you for years to come