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Species/Race: Human
Name: Daniel
Last Name: Sully
Nickname: Sullster
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Ukio
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Brown, Short.
Facial Appearance: Minor scarring nothing apparent.
Eye Color: Blue - However has Sectoral Heterochromia in Left eye (Blue/Green)
Body Appearance: Large build with big shoulders, but a bit of excess around the waist.
Home Planet: Ukio.
Current Residence: Travelling.
Allegiance: Unknown
Profession: Archaeologist.
Armor/Clothes: Varies

Sullster was born on Ukio. As Ukio is a major agricultural center, and the 4th largest exporter of foodstuffs in the galaxy, the majority of work is farming. Unable to stand the dull work on his home planet, Sullster started taking a keen interest in ancient sith and jedi history, He used contacts to join a archaeological team and travel off world and was trained as an Archaeologist.

Since Korriban is littered with Tombs, caves and other structures and was the perfect place for investigation. Landing on the other side of the planet from the main Sith force in Korriban the team underwent a dangerous expedition. After a few uneventful weeks the team found a network of caves that connected to a hidden temple. The expeditionary team split up and searched the temple. Either by fate or sheer luck, Sullster leant against a wall in what seemed like a small dead end room. This a triggered a hidden switch and a pedestal arose from the ground with a glowing artifact perched on it. As he touched it a bright light eminated from the artifact and it exploded. The powerful concussive wave projected Sullster at the wall where he lost consciousness.

He awoke 3 weeks later in an medical centre....