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I do want to make something clear here that I don't think gets raised in this thread enough. and that is that I do really like this game. I plan to keep playing and just extended my play time for another sixty days (I do take breaks to come back fresh - game time cards are the most sensible option for me).

I also know this is still a new game, and new features do take time to happen and I am happy to make allowances for that. While I do feel same-gender content ought to have been in from the beginning, I am by no means storming the gates with pitchforks and torches and an angry mob to demand this go in at once.

However, I will say that my enjoyment of the game -- particularly on my male Gunslinger, otherwise my favorite character to play -- is substantially diminished without same-gender options for the romantic content that the game does feature, and that very much does include the [Flirt] options for mission NPCs as much as companion characters.

So where I have frustration regarding this content, it's two-fold: one, knowing it ought to be there but isn't and two, the uncertainty of the future of same-gender content given the changes at BioWare Austin since last month and the advent of F2P. I like the game, but I could like it much better. I can be patient if I know it is still coming, but news would certainly help.
I don't know. My thing with TOR is that it is a easy game to like, but, right now, it is a very hard game to love. I think if SGR were in I would be able to forgive the game a lot more of its... Issues. So much of the game feels like it is still unfinished that the overall game feels like it is in some kind of bizarre extended paid beta. Most of the little issues aren't even a big deal, but the overall effect they have is so irritating that it is hard not be be annoyed with the game at times. Just as an example, if the interface editor gave you the option to work with individual layers (and a better ability to adjust chat box size), I think that would be the one of the most useful features ever in an MMO, but right now it is this big mess of blobs it takes ten minutes of poking at to create something comfortable. There are a million little things like that just need some spit and polish to be perfect. At this point, I honestly would have rather waited six more months for the game and had a less rushed product then have spent as much time as I have mad at the game.

Having said that, the story is what brought me in, and the story is good... Mostly. There are some bits that aren't my favorite, and some parts felt like they were just tacked on to get the game out the door, but overall it works. To me it makes the grinding and the duller flashpoints worth it. Except it doesn't always, I have had a really hard time getting into the non-jedi/sith classes. I sloughed my way through the smuggler story becuase I enjoyed it, but I've never manged to get past act one with any of the others. I think if SGR was in it would give me the incentive to WANT to do an IA and Trooper play through. It would make me want to go back and do a SW replay. It would be a big part of finishing the story for me, and that's all I really want.
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