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08.25.2012 , 07:35 PM | #7
How about not punishing the quitters? I'm dead serious. Instead, reward the people that stayed behind to complete the warzone.

20 normal warzone comms for the loser with the quitters. (reason: winning team gets plenty of comms and should not get extra for quitters.)

To avoid abuse:
-People that leave during preparation (count down to beginning of match) do not trigger this effect.
-Grouped players leaving does not trigger this effect unless all of those group members leave.
-Does not apply to 2 same-guild premades that happen to get matched into the same warzone.
-This effect does not apply to people that come into a warzone late. (reason: they already get quick WZ comms).

Can anyone think of any other ways this could be abused for easy comms?