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08.25.2012 , 05:38 PM | #1007
I do want to make something clear here that I don't think gets raised in this thread enough. and that is that I do really like this game. I plan to keep playing and just extended my play time for another sixty days (I do take breaks to come back fresh - game time cards are the most sensible option for me).

I also know this is still a new game, and new features do take time to happen and I am happy to make allowances for that. While I do feel same-gender content ought to have been in from the beginning, I am by no means storming the gates with pitchforks and torches and an angry mob to demand this go in at once.

However, I will say that my enjoyment of the game -- particularly on my male Gunslinger, otherwise my favorite character to play -- is substantially diminished without same-gender options for the romantic content that the game does feature, and that very much does include the [Flirt] options for mission NPCs as much as companion characters.

So where I have frustration regarding this content, it's two-fold: one, knowing it ought to be there but isn't and two, the uncertainty of the future of same-gender content given the changes at BioWare Austin since last month and the advent of F2P. I like the game, but I could like it much better. I can be patient if I know it is still coming, but news would certainly help.