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When TORParse was down for awhile our guild (and myself personally) went through all of the SWTOR parsers I could find and none of them compared. Now that it's back it is even better, especially with the new group log feature that is so quick and easy to use.

TORParse is by far the best parser out there for SWTOR. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants detailed, easy to read, and accurate information to help improve yourself and your guild/Ops group.

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so hows this different then mox parser
I'm not a big fan of "live" parsers but was the best one I found for those who like to use them. It has good, detailed information uploaded after the fact too but TORParse is a million times easier to navigate and use. All of the "live" parsers have issues with accuracy and lack the useful and detailed information a progression raider would want so I would never consider a "live" parser a replacement for TORParse.
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