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Week of 8/24/12
Turning Point - Last week we wrote about what life would be like if major events didn't happen. This week, we're writing about major events that DID happen. Pick a particularly important moment for your character, one that solidified their path. Write about what they did and why that moment was crucial.
:Turning Point:
(Featuring my Sith Warrior, Esiri Vae- Pureblood- and Vette. Cameo by Quinn.)

NOTE: This story is a bit long, partly because I wanted to get it just right from the scene in my head, and also partly to make up for having missed out lately on updates and posts for the latest prompts.


Author's Note: Uh... yeah. So I can see this as a turning point for something more between my SW and Vette, at least.

I hope the length didn't put you guys off, and I hope you enjoyed it!
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