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08.25.2012 , 12:18 PM | #1
Long story short, when I installed SWTOR using the setup.exe, I checked the box to add a shortcut to my start menu. Hurray, right? The first time I launched the game using that shortcut, I used a trial account to make sure that my new laptop could handle the game - it did, and all was well with the world - and then I reactivated this account to start where I left off all those eons (months) ago. The second time I tried to start the launcher, it came up with the error "Unable to load main bundle." Needless to say, I despaired! I went into a spiraling drunken depression for ten minutes.

Okay, at this point, long story short seems flat wrong. So I decided to try and play SWTOR from the EA folder and not the Origin folder (the launcher's file location, the one that was pinned to my start menu, was to the Origin Games folder). The launcher pops up, yay! But the kicker is it starts installing the game all over again. When it was done, it's worked without a problem. Now I just have one problem: Can I clear up space on my harddrive by deleting some of the larger files from the Origin Games folder, or will that potentially screw things up too? I now have 40gb worth of SWTOR stuff.

Thanks for your time.~