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I have wanted to post something like this for a while now, so here it is. Before I start I would like to clear up a few things. First, while this may seem like an anti-Revan thread, it is not. I actually like Revan, but I also understand that he is not the alpha and omega of Star Wars. Second, this thread is meant to inform those who may not know exactly what was going on before, during, and after KOTOR. I will also attempt to clear up some of Revan's abilities on the battlefield, as well as in single combat.

*WARNING* Revanites will find this thread to be heresy against their lord and master and should click off this thread immediately.

So let's begin. Apologies if this is long, which it will be. As well as apologies for any spoilers.

Let's look at his combat abilities first. So many Revanites will say that he mastered every lightsaber form, which he did not. Revan never mastered any Lightsaber form. He may have been proficient in their usage, but nothing close to mastering them. They will also say that he mastered both Light and Dark sides of the Force. He did not. He used both of them. The Light as a Jedi, Dark as a Sith. After becoming reborn, Revan stuck to the Light Side, but fell back on the Dark Side when under heavy stress. They will also say that he could use both sides at once. No he can't. Doing so goes against every G-Canon source stating that you cannot.

So now we move on to Revan's actions.
Revan stepped onto the galactic stage during the Mandalore wars. Disobeying the Jedi Council, Revan took several Jedi Knights and Masters with him to lead the Republic against the Mandalorians. The tactics employed by the Mandalorians confused Revan. The Republic couldn't really counter their savage attacks. So Revan decides upon using the Mandalorians tactics against them. With his superior forces, Revan was able to outplay the Mandalorians and beat them at their own game at the final battle of Malachor V.

What he does next is shocking however. After the war, Revan finds out that the Jedi Council was correct. The wise masters saw the Sith Empire lurking in the unknown. But Revan couldn't let them know he was wrong. So he takes Malak with him to defeat this Sith Emperor. Full of themselves and their power, Revan and Malak confront the Sith Emperor. But they could never comprehend the power that the Emperor had at his command. The Emperor easily turns them to the Dark Side and sends them to find the Star Forge. The Emperor planned to speed up his invasion by using the Star Forge to quickly build his armada. But upon seeing the power of the Forge, Revan and Malak use the Forge for their own gains and attack the Republic. Catching them unawares, they bring many Jedi and Republic war heroes to their side. With the Republic still in shock, Revan leads a crusade that takes countless lives before the Republic could do anything to stop them. Even when they tried, Revan was able to counter their tactics after spending time serving with them during the Mandalore wars. Eventually, Revan is lured into a trap and is captured by Bastila Shan. The Council reprogams him with a new identity. Those who played KOTOR will know what happens next so I will skip to the end.

Revan's destruction of the Star Forge returned him to hero status. But Revan's journey wasn't complete. Returning to the Unknown Regions, this time with Meetra Surik, Revan battles the Emperor again. And again, he is beaten. The Emperor then captures Revan and siphons his power. The only thing keeping Revan alive is Meetra Surik's spirit. But even she could not stop Revan's dive into insanity. Upon Revan's release, Revan travels to the Foundry to enact a plan to kill 97% of Imperial citizens. This includes citizens of imperial conquered worlds. Countless lives would be destroyed, innocent lives. Naturally, the Empire stops him by sending their finest servants to defeat him. Revan could not hope to stand against the Empire's finest. But what happened to Revan? Did he die? Or did he use fold space to escape? I believe he died and the explosion was merely his spirit leaving his body in similar fashion to Palpatines death, though not as grand.

So what did Revan do exactly? Nothing really.
He defeated the Mandalorians, that's his only helpful accomplishment. The rest of his actions were either destructive or to fix his mess.
Had he not gone into the unknown regions, Revan would never have attacked the Republic. Had he not attacked the Republic, the Republic would have had a much more powerful defensive force to defeat the returning Sith Empire. Failed to see the real threat and the galaxy paid for it.

Revan is a tragic hero who did more harm than good in the long run. That's my opinion.
I apologize for the post being so long and for any spoilers.
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