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I've never seen someone cheat. Ever. I've been accused of cheating plenty of times because I normally play with a good team, we normally win, and we know how to optimally use speed buffs on each other. Anything else is lag or packet loss between you and the server.

However if you accuse someone of cheating to win when they clearly are not, they will only assume you are bad, and may laugh at you. If you really think someone is cheating report it and move on.
Unlike a lot of players, I actually do know the difference between cheating and legit play. There is an awful lot of cheating going on in random warzones at level 50. I don't want to hear any baloney about how random warzones don't count - for a great many players they do count, especially since the rated community on our server has been steadily going downhill (read: only a couple teams even do rated warzones).

I have never reported a player/team for cheating simply because they won. In fact, I have won plenty of games in which the opposition was cheating and still lost. That doesn't take away from their lack of sportsmanship nor from the fact that they are breaking many parts of the games EULA. I've also never once informed anyone that I thought they were cheating or that I was going to report them - that would defeat the purpose, as an intelligent person would then quit cheating/hacking for a few days until they were sure there wasn't a GM looking over their shoulder.

If you had bothered to read what I wrote in my original post, you would have seen where I pointed out that players tend to stop reporting cheats and hacks when they feel nothing is being done about it. I suggested ways for BioWare to let us know that they are, in fact, doing something about it. Whether or not you have personally seen someone cheating (chances are you have seen it but dismissed it as something else - for example, speedhacking itself can occasionally look like the speedhacking person is lagging - unless you are trying to chase them, then you'll quickly figure out the difference) is actually irrelevant.

Nothing bad could come out of a proactive approach toward getting cheaters out of a game - unless, of course, you're the cheater.

I'm sorry, but watching a powertech who is snared speed away from me at faster than ataru run speed AND transcendence (nowhere near a run speed power-up, thank you very much) is not lag or packet loss between me and the server. It is a speedhack. CCing someone only to watch them instantly plant a bomb as you are hitting them (and watching your commands go through to the server) is not lag or packet loss, it is a hack.

All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for swtor pvp cheats/hacks and you will find out just how easy it is to do these things. Denying that cheating exists doesn't elevate you to some awesome level of super cool, it just makes you look silly.
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