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My Lord's

The peace treaty between the Imperials and the Republic is not what it seem to be, We are still fighting in multiple small skirmishes with the republic over small piece of dirt on a plant that doesn't matter. During the war we have taken over whole systems and half the galaxies, Now we are fighting in small eight man team, sometime for the amusement of the Hutts. Many great imperial's have die in disgrace over a wagers with the Hutts. Many more imperials are leave their post in pursue of other adventures because of this.

Many Imperials including myself, believe the treaty of Coruscant should be broken. We should take over the galaxy as was planned in the beginning. Start with three major systems Tatoonine, Hoth and Coruscant, with teams of 16, 32 or 64, with awards for taking over major adjectives.

The Mandalorians are a good fighting class but we need to start training more imperials troopers to beef up our backbone instead on relying on Mandalorians ( I don't trust them) as the main force, The Mandalorians only have pistols as their main weapon. We need to start equipment them with rifles, canons and melee weapons. I would like to incorporate a few smugglers to help spy and supply the outer rim garrisons.

One other thing, I have other Imperials who were captured on the other Galaxy, I tried to have them released to me, and failed, I wish to pay the ransom to have them released to me. I find these Imperial are good soldiers and they will serve the Empire well.